Fi Monk, our favourite Lamb & Lamb friend


Fi Monk in her Lamb & Lamb Bamboo

Fi Monk, one of our favourite Lamb & Lamb friends, displays her burgeoning range of Lamb & Lamb bamboo pieces .... dress, shirts, pants, waistcoat, and jacket. She swears by their comfort and versatility ... slip some Lamb & Lamb bamboo on yourself and you'll understand why.

The Lamb & Lamb Bamboo Story

At Lamb & Lamb we’ve created much of our range using bamboo fabric, you might wonder why.

Bamboo is the miracle material of the new millennium. It’s warm in winter, cool in summer, organic, biodegradable and grown without fertilisers, pesticides or any other dangerous chemicals. It is the most beautiful material to wear, soft, lightweight, comfortable and moisture wicking, allowing perspiration to be drawn away from the body.

Bamboo is the perfect material for a host of everyday outfits from sleepwear to yoga, from maternity wear to exercise clothing, from leisurewear to everyday wear, it’s ideal. Once you’ve worn bamboo you’ll understand why we spend so much time promoting it.

For those with sensitive skin or skin allergies, the eco-friendly properties of bamboo make it the perfect choice. Bamboo yarn is manufactured from the cellulose extracted from the bamboo plant which results in a material that is beautifully soft and lightweight.

Bamboo also has amazing moisture wicking properties, almost twice the moisture transfer rate of cotton, making it perfect for summer or winter, pregnancy, post natal, exercise or simple relaxation.

Because bamboo material is manufactured from plant extract it provides natural UV protection, 60% better than cotton, and has unique breathability features as well as body temperature regulation. It is easy care, machine washable and wrinkle free.

Why do we at Lamb & Lamb promote the use of bamboo – it’s perfect!

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Ciao! Leann xo


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