The Lamb & Lamb Story


Designer Leann Lamb


Lamb & Lamb is the label behind award-winning Australian designer Leann Lamb. Her extensive range of sassy, fun and funky pieces are taking the world by storm and quickly establishing Leann as the Queen of the Australian fashion and sleepwear kingdom. She is a proud Australian and dedicated to manufacturing all of her garments on Australian shores using the highest quality materials and trims. In order to accentuate the fact that Lamb & Lamb is designed and made in Australia every range is named after a genuine Australian town, place or suburb.

The label had its early beginnings in 2007 and has been on a growth trend ever since. Customers from around Australia, and the world, soon recognised the unique and individual talent behind the Lamb & Lamb label and Leann's list of clients is ever-expanding.

All garments are made using premium cotton, cotton blends and the miracle fibre of the new millennium, bamboo. Whilst pure cotton has been the choice of discerning buyers for centuries and is still used extensively in all Lamb & Lamb collections, bamboo material is proving to be extremely popular. Bamboo is a wonderful, green resource that is hugely beneficial both to the way we want to live our lives and to the environment. It is grown without fertilisers and is 100 per cent biodegradable, it is cool in summer and warm in winter. Bamboo is the perfect choice for comfort, or for those who may have an inclination towards skin allergies.


A self-confessed romantic, Leann has a passion for hearts and for all things to do with love. Once you purchase some original Lamb & Lamb pieces for yourself, a family member or as a gift for someone special, you'll feel the love immediately. 

Lamb and Lamb Bamboo